While in Ireland in November 2017, we were lucky enough to get to enjoy a night at the incredible Markree Castle, newly reopened and renovated in March 2017. The experience was nothing short of magical and there were moments where we forget we weren’t in a Disney movie, and that this was actually real life.

When you walk into the castle you’re greeted with a lavish entryway that transports you to a different century. Upon entering the main lobby, you can’t help but feel cozy and content with the plush seating rooms that surround you, all with lit fireplaces burning peat.

The rooms are scattered throughout the expansive castle and are situated in a way where you never have to hear your next-door neighbors’ snoring. They are extremely private and serene, considering the castle sits on acres of farm land, meaning no traffic/city noises!

The rooms cannot be considered average hotel rooms: they are incredibly large, adorned with sweeping canopies reaching to the ceiling, traditional wooden furniture, clawfoot tubs and modern bathrooms. Fun fact: Johnny Cash stayed in Room 7 in 1990. Ask to see the guestbook on display where he signed in. Each room has a different view of the stunning gardens out back, there’s really no ‘bad’ view here.

If you don’t already feel like a king or queen, you’ll feel like one when seated in the dining room! All of the walls and ceilings are handcrafted and adorned with gold-leaf accents throughout. It’s possible you may spend so much time looking at the craftsmanship, you forget you’re there to eat.

In the morning, be sure to wake up early to catch the sunrise over the gardens and also get the chance to play with the two ‘guardians of the gate,’ Unshin and Rueben, their two Irish Wolfhounds.

Markree Castle is the perfect destination for a romantic weekend getaway, a group event, and the ultimate dream wedding venue. You can learn more about the castle, located in Sligo, here. Let us help you start planning your dream Ireland vacation. Contact us today.


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