This enchanting region of County Galway in the west of Ireland showcases the unspoiled beauty of the Irish countryside. You will experience rural isolation in all its essence, with sheep grazing on the rugged, natural terrain of Galway, towering sea cliffs and wild Atlantic waves, all starkly contrasted by peaceful estuaries, charming valleys and vibrant green farmland.

As you wind your way along the narrow country roads of Connemara, your cell phone will lose reception and you will know you’re heading into the real, rural Ireland! Connemara is home to ‘Gaeltacht’ (Irish speaking) regions, as well as old-fashioned farms, quaint villages, golden beaches and plenty of opportunities to relax in the spectacular natural landscape.


Soak in a seaweed bath

On the shores of Killary Harbor, in the fairytale-like village of Leenane, you will find the relaxing and rejuvenating saltwater seaweed baths. The seaweed is hand-cut daily, teeming with essential nutrients and minerals. The luxurious baths relax tired and aching muscles and the organic oily Atlantic seawater soaks deep into your pores, replenishing your skin and leaving it soft and fresh. The treatment is a must if you are visiting Connemara, not matter the weather, but if it happens to be cold and windy outside, there is nothing more satisfying than a steamy seaweed bath.

Hiking the hilltops

If you’re heading to Connemara to challenge yourself physically, some of the best hiking options can be found on the Twelve Bens, which is a small mountain range. Dedicated hill climbers can hike all twelve in a single day, but be warned, although they are little, they are quite steep! The mountains are very safe and provide breathtaking scenery of the spectacular surroundings

Explore its secluded beaches

Some of the world’s most unique beaches can be found along the coastline of Connemara. Some have vibrant green fields stretching along to sea cliffs that dramatically drop into the Atlantic; others are surrounded by majestic mountains that have formed around sheltered coves; and there are even fresh waterfalls tumbling over bluffs into the ocean. From sparkling golden sand to white powder shorelines, these Atlantic Ocean beaches are perfect for romantic walks, picnics and sunbathing – when the weather allows it! And if you can’t get enough of the outdoors in this magical part of Ireland, there are also plenty of opportunities for sea kayaking, cruising and snorkeling in the bays and estuaries of Connemara.

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