Without a doubt, Dublin is at the top of most people’s bucket list travel destinations. There are not many countries that have such rich history, amazing gourmet cuisine and spectacular works of nature that Dublin, Ireland does. If you are planning on traveling to Ireland, here are some top destinations and spots you cannot miss out on while visiting. 

  1. Thornton’s Restaurant. When considering your cuisine options in Dublin, Thornton’s should be at the top of your list. This Michelin Star restaurant is one of the finest that Ireland has to offer. Open for dinner from Tuesday-Sunday, from 6pm onwards, Thornton’s is located on the 1st floor of The Fitzwilliam Hotel. Thornton’s offers an exquisite tasting menu with 5 courses that are full of true Irish flavor and ingredients. Save room for dessert and enjoy a lavender macaroon! 

  1. Explore in style. What better way to explore Dublin than on a bicycle? Dublin Bike Tours are renowned for their eco-friendly way of touring. You will be escorted on your bike ride by a local guide who will teach you everything you’d ever want to know about this magical city. Of course, the famous Irish humor is inserted throughout the tour by the amazing guides…so make sure you don’t fall off your bike from laughing! You may even make a pit stop for a pint once or twice during your ride! 

  1. Trinity College. Trinity College is a must-see sight while in Dublin. Ireland’s leading university was founded in 1592, when Elizabeth I was queen! While there, pop into the world famous library and stop by to see The Book Of Kells, which contains the four gospels of the new testament. The illustrations and ornamentations which the Book Of Kells is contained in is really the masterpiece here. Trinity library rotates between two of the four volumes throughout the year. The library in itself is a work of art, with levels and levels of books as far as the eye can see. “Magical” is the only way to describe such a piece of history. 

  1. Drinks at The Vintage Cocktail Club. Look no further when searching for somewhere to get a cocktail (or two or three). The Vintage Cocktail Club is classic, intimate and chic all rolled into one. Open Mon-Fri 5PM-late and Sat-Sun 12:30PM-late, this spot cannot be missed. Cocktails are categorized into time periods, starting in the early 1400’s-late 1600’s (blends of sugar, water and alcohol) going all of the way to the 1930’s and 40’s (think fruity, tiki-style drinks). Our suggestion? The Cobblestone (circa late 1800’s). It contains Irish whiskey, apricot brandy, sweet vermouth and a host of other things to wet your whistle thoroughly. 

  1. Dublina. Discover Ireland’s viking roots at Dublina, which is a history brought to life experience that takes you through medieval Ireland firsthand. Visit a Viking house, try on slave chains, see and walk through Dublin as it looked during Medieval times…the list goes on! This is certainly a family-friendly experience that anyone can enjoy. 

  1. Abbey Theatre. No trip to Dublin would be complete without a visit to the iconic Abbey Theatre.  The theatre first opened it’s doors in 1904 as the first state-subsidized theatre in the English-speaking world and since then, it has been the home of many brilliants plays. Playwrights such as Sean O’Casey, William Butler Yeats and so many more nursed their craft at this historical place. With plays throughout the year, you are sure to catch something that you’ll love! 


  1. Guinness Storehouse. No Dublin list would be complete with the Guinness Storehouse on it! The Storehouse should be on everyone’s list of things to do in Dublin and not because you can grab a pint or two there. Tour the Guinness brewery and get an inside look at the history of beer in Ireland. After your tour, head to the Gravity Bar for a free sample. The Gravity Bar boasts 360 degrees views of Dublin from atop the seventh story, which is reason enough to go there! Want a little more? You can schedule a tasting experience where you get the VIP treatment in the form of a private bar and your very own expert staff to guide you! 


If you’ve been considering taking a trip to Dublin but are on the fence, let us be the first to tell you that you should jump off that fence and take the leap. Dublin is a simply extraordinary destination that will leave you with memories you will keep with you forever. We can help you plan your perfect trip to Ireland. Contact us for more information. 


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