If you’re like us, you are probably already thinking about the best holiday of the year, St. Patrick’s Day in March! Traveling to Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is a bucket list trip for many people, so making sure your experience is as great as it can be is a must! Here are some of our favorite pro tips for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day while in Ireland.

  1. Consider cities other than Dublin. Dublin is obviously the first choice for many going to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day, but that means crowds! You’ll have just as great of an experience if you travel to another Irish city on St. Patrick’s Day, such as Galway or Cork.
  2. The festivities aren’t just on the 17th. If you’re traveling to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day, make sure you get there at least a few days before March 17th! The festivities begin well ahead of time, and you’ll be able to experience the city and explore before the day of heavy ‘celebrations.’
  3. Burn off your Guinness. Before the celebrations begin, why not participate in the St. Patrick’s festival 5K run? You’ll get an active start to your day and won’t feel quite as bad for drinking all of that Guiness later on that day.
  4. Skip the Guinness Storehouse the day of. Despite the temptation, we recommend skipping the Guinness Storehouse on March 17th, as it will be their busiest day of the year and the lines will be more than long.

5.Expect some rain. Mid-March in Ireland has a pretty decent chance of being a bit wet, and nothing can rain on your St. Patrick’s Day parade like … well rain.

6.Bring cash. The ATM lines on St. Patrick’s Day in most cities in Ireland will be packed, so make sure you take out cash the night before, as cash is faster when the lines are long!

7.Book in advance. St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin (or anywhere in Ireland) is not something that can be planned 2-3 months in advance. Give yourself ample amounts of time to plan (we’re talking 2019 St. Patrick’s Day, here) so you get the best deals on hotels and airlines.

8. Bring green. Last but certainly not least, bring your green clothing! If you think ahead and pack your green outfits before leaving, you’ll avoid having to get green items when you get to Ireland.

We can help you begin planning your bucket list St. Patrick’s Day trip to Ireland! Contact us today to start.

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