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We have put together a fabulous list of some of the most unique and interesting things you can do in Wales. Add a few of these items to your bucket list and check them off while visiting!

    1. Bog Snorkelling. The bucket list item you never knew you wanted to try…are we right? Yes, bog snorkelling is a real thing and you can do it in Llanwrtyd Wells. It’s just as muddy as it sounds, but if you’re good enough, you could even qualify for the World Bog Snorkelling Championships.
    2. Portmeirion Village. A visit to this eccentric Italian town in the heart of Wales is like stepping into a fairytale. The village was the dream of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, an architect who wanted to bring the mediterranean to Wales. We think he accomplished his dream and the results are absolutely fantastic.
    3. Saundersfoot New Year’s Swim. If you happen to be in Wales around New Years, you can’t miss out on the annual Saundersfoot New Year’s swim. Each year, thousands brave souls conquer the cold water at Saundersfoot beach…all dressed in their finest apparel, to bring in the New Year.
    4. Cardiff Castle ghost tour. Real-life ghost hunters experience, anyone? That’s what you can get when you take a ghost tour around Cardiff Castle, where your guide will tell you about the various murders and ghostly sightings that have happened at the deserted castle.
    5. Walk with dinosaurs. No, there is no time machine in Wales, however, you can walk where the dinosaurs once walked on The Bendricks in South Wales. The rock beds have preserved dinosaur footprints extremely well.
    6. Visit Llanddwyn Island with your love. Located where the home and church of the patron saint of lovers is, St Dwynwen, lovers come here to make a romantic gesture. If you’re going to express your love for someone, this is a pretty magical place to do it!
    7. St Winefride’s (healing) well. This famous well is said to have magical healing powers, having healed everything from a severed head to infertility.



We can plan an itinerary full of bucket list items for you to check off of your list during your visit to Wales and England. Are you ready to start planning? Contact us today for a free quote!

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