There is something for just about anyone in Ireland, whether you enjoy a more low-key, relaxing vacation or are someone who seeks adventure and thrill during your travels. We’re here to give you some ideas to make your Ireland vacation more adventurous. Here’s 7 of our favorite activities for thrill-seekers:

  1. Night kayaking. What’s better than kayaking through the stunning rivers and oceans of Ireland? Doing it at night. You can go night kayaking on Lough Hyne in County Cork. The spectacular part about this particular spot lies within the water. Phosphorescent plankton are sprinkled throughout the water, glowing on clear nights.
  2. Coasteering. Explore the shorelines of Ireland like a real thrill-seeker, by coasteering! Not only will you get a guided tour along the way, you’ll get it jump off some cliffs, swim in the ocean…and explore some caves!
  3. Go hiking. There are so many incredible hiking spots scattered throughout Ireland, but one of our favorites is Killarney National Park. There, you can immerse yourself in the nature of Ireland’s countryside. Check out wildlife, go for a swim, or mountain-bike!
  4. Gorge-walking. Once you don a helmet, wetsuit and lifejacket, you can start exploring Ireland’s river canyons for yourself! Swim in pools, step carefully over rocks and side-step branches and fallen trees.
  5. Biking. If you’re looking to tour Ireland in a unique way, why not do it on two wheels? Fatbikes offers all-terrain tours across the unique landscapes of Ireland. Explore beaches, bogs, mountains and more all on a fatbike!
  6. Buggy racing. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do in Dublin in between having pints at the pub, look no further! Strap on a helmet and get ready for high speeds, spinning donuts and jumps.
  7. Skydiving. If you’re looking to see Dublin from a bird’s eye view, look no further! The Irish Parachute Club will let you fall from up above starting at 10,000ft for just 35 seconds.


Do you seek out thrills on vacations or do you prefer a more laid back experience? Tell us! Contact us today at for a free quote so you can finally take your dream Ireland vacation.

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