Ireland is known for it’s enormous amount of beauty and it should come as no surprise that Ireland has been used as filming locations for some of the most popular and well-known movies and tv series. Here’s some Ireland locations you may recognize from your favorite movie or tv show:

  1. Cliffs Of Moher. Not only are the Cliffs Of Moher Ireland’s most-visited natural attraction, they are also the filming location for a scene in Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince. The cliffs are featured in a scene where Harry and Dumbledore apparate on the shore of some sea cliffs and enter a cave to find a horcrux. Along with Harry Potter, The Cliffs of Insanity during The Princess Bride was also filmed here.
  2. Ballintoy Harbor. This harbor located in a quaint Northern Ireland town in County Antrim is the location for some scenes in Game of Thrones, including some exterior Pyke shots and the home of the Iron Irelands.
  3. Powerscourt Estate. Located just south of Dublin, Powerscourt is home to one of the world’s most magnificent gardens. Powerscourt Estate is home to over 25 famous movies including: Black Beauty, Ella Enchanted, King Arthur, The Tudors, and much more.
  4. Curragh Plains. Located in County Kildare, The Curragh is one of the oldest tract of semi-natural grassland in Europe. It is also the home to the ‘Battle of Stirling Bridge’ in the Mel Gibson movie, Bravehart. The one scene took over six week and 2,000 extras to shoot.
  5. Kilmainham Gaol. Located in Dublin, Kilmainham Gaol is one of the largest unoccupied jails in all of Europe. You can see Kilmainham featured in The Italian Job, where all of the jail scenes were filmed. The jail was also featured in The Tudors.
  6. Skellig Michael. The Skellig Islands are one of the more iconic locations in Ireland and were used as a filming location during Star Wars: The Force Awakens. They were used as Luke Skywalker’s deserted home during the movie.

There are so many other amazing locations in Ireland that you might not realize have been used for iconic movies and shows. Explore Ireland for yourself and take a themed tour designed just for you with our help! Contact us today and we can put together a personalized itinerary for you. Email us at to get started!

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