The Wild Atlantic Way is certainly one of the must-see areas while visiting Ireland! The project was completed in 2014 and existing roadways were connected to create one continuous, beautiful route along the Western coast of Ireland. You could spend an entire vacation roadtripping down the route considering all of the beautiful sights and incredible activities there are for you to do along the way! Here’s some of our favorites: 


Coastering. For thrill-seekers, there’s nothing better than coastering, a combination of rock climbing and swimming. Explore the coast of Ireland in a way that most have not and go on a pretty epic adventure, too. You’ll ‘coaster’ off the coast of Clare Island (in County Mayo) and see some pretty amazing wildlife and scenery during your adventure! Check it out here.


  • Horseback on the beaches. One of the most well-loved and bucked listed beach activities has to be galloping down an Irish beach on a gorgeous horse. Make your dreams come true during your trip on the Wild Atlantic Way in Trawalua Strand in County Sligo, a mostly deserted area. Check out Island View Stables for a 4 hour ride through beaches, cross over low tide channels, have a picnic and explore the ruins of Spanish Armada ships.


  1. Explore the spooky ruins of Burren, Clare. History buffs and lovers of all things spooky will love trekking through the ruins of Burren, Clare. Corcomroe Abbey is a must-see, with a eerie graveyard situation right outside of the decrepit manor. You’re able to walk through what was once a majestic place and see effigies of past kings and other creepy delights.


  1. Whale-Watch in Cork. It wouldn’t be a trip across the Wild Atlantic Way without trying to spot nature’s most majestic creatures who frequent the Irish coasts. West Cork, in particular, is a great spot for catching whales during feeding time and is, in general, an active area for ocean wildlife. Through August-November, you can also catch the over 50 breeds of dolphins that frequent the coastline here as well! Check out Whale Watch West Cork for a 4 hour tour, with the option of doing it during sunset or sunrise!


  1. Explore a Pirate Queen Island in County Mayo. Grace O’Malley, aka the pirate queen of Ireland, ruled Clare Island in Clew Bay back in the 16th century. While in her home territory, you can see where she is buried and her tower home. Her abbey is covered in painting of dragons! Although you can certainly taxi around the island, we recommend making it a real adventure and renting bikes for the wild ride.


  1. Dursey Island, Cork. Spend a relaxing day on the banks of Dursey Island while adventuring down Ireland’s gorgeous coast. The island is only accessible via a (slightly scary) cable car that takes you on a 10 minute journey across the coast to your destination. Stick around for the sunset, which is known locally as ‘Europe’s Best.’


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