When you travel to Ireland, you have many different options for how you spend your days in this beautiful country. It’s all about preference: some people prefer to leave their days open-ended and explore the cities at their leisure, others prefer more guidance. Some prefer to “do as the locals do” and take public transportation and walk to get around, others prefer lots of narrative, ample legroom and a friendly driver. That’s why one of our most popular options at Isle Inn Tours is to provide a private driver guide to you while you are in Ireland. If you’re wondering just what a private driver guide can offer you and what you can expect, keep reading!


  1. They’re more than a “chauffeur.”  You can think of our driver guides as more of like your personal “vacation concierge”. They take care of everything, ensuring that your trip is “the trip of a lifetime!” You can rely on our drivers for great tips on the best place for lunch or where you’d have the best luck locating that hard to find souvenir for you neighbor.
  2. It’s flexible. Want an early start?  Prefer to sleep in?  The day is yours to plan and schedule. You don’t have to follow set hours and your driver won’t make you keep a schedule if you don’t want to! Typically, an eight hour day can be as action packed or laid back as you’d like, and changes on the fly are no problem.
  3. Discover your own personal Ireland. Prefer the Viking history of Ireland’s Ancient East? Or the Christian History and influence of the Emerald Isle? Just let us know ahead of time and our driver guides will be sure to point out sites along the way, or make just the right detours and side trips to capture your interests perfectly.
  4. No need for Yelp!  Wondering where to eat or how long the wait is for dinner? Your driver has a vast knowledge of both the tourist attractions and the local flavor. They may be most valuable for their personal advice!
  5. Bring a friend. If cost is an issue, we suggest inviting a few friends to join you. A private driver vacation can be an even better value than a typical bus tour of Ireland. Just let us show you how!

We specialize in luxury travel to Ireland and Scotland. Choose from our chauffeur driven vacations offering world-class lodgings, cuisine and service. Or you might decide to rent your own Castle. Whatever type of vacation you are interested in, we will customize your travel plans to suit any and all of your individual specifications. Click here to learn more and call us at 703-683-4800 or email info@isleinntours.com.

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