A popular bucket list item on many’s list is to visit Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day, the Emerald Isles national holiday. You might be considering making this trip and are probably considering spending the day in Dublin. However, if you’re looking to experience St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland without the packed crowds and maybe in a less-touristy way, there are so many other cities for you to choose from! Here are some of our favorite choices:

  1. Dingle. Located on the West Coast of Ireland, with stunning sea cliffs, beaches and rolling hills, Dingle kicks off St. Patrick’s Day celebrations as early as 6AM with the Dingle Fife and Drum Band leading the way down the streets.The local pubs are sure to suit you if you’re interested in fun, traditional, Irish partying and the live music will get the party starting.
  2. Cork. Cork is Ireland’s second largest city, so you will certainly get the fun St. Patrick’s Day crowds here without going to Dublin. Cork holds the shortest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the world, only traveling 100 yards. There is a parade that runs from the South Mall to the Grand Parade and a festival with foods, arts & crafts, street performers and more!
  3. Limerick City. Around 70,000 spectators flock to Limerick on St. Patrick’s Day for a massive parade and festival! During the festival is a series of fun events, including the Limerick International Band Festival, Fossett’s Circus, fireworks and much more!
  4. Galway. Galway hosts a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day festival that features many local artists and groups, with live music and amazing performances. A walk along the streets of Galway on St. Patrick’s Day will bring an abundance of artwork, street performers and parties!
  5. Killarney. The entire city goes green for St. Patrick’s Day: the buildings, the people…everything! Their St. Patrick’s Day festival involves street dancing and musics. The pubs will be sure to be kept busy with Guinness and live music galore.


No matter what city you choose to visit on St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, you are sure to be met with an abundance of festivities and things to do. There really is no city in Ireland that will not be holding celebrations on St. Patrick’s Day, so branch out and consider one of these great cities during your travels! Let us help you plan your Ireland St. Patrick’s Day trip in 2019. Contact us today to start planning!

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