With more than 30,000 castles in Ireland, it was hard to narrow down our favorites in a blog post. That’s why we decided to make a Part II of our favorite castles to visit in Ireland! Read on to learn about some of our favorite “stop-not-stay” castles you can visit while in Ireland.

(And read Part I here, if you haven’t already!)

  1. Trim Castle. Since in Part I of our castle blog, we gave points for a film appearance to Cahir Castle, we’d be remiss to leave out Trim Castle, which “starred” as the Scottish Castle from Braveheart.  For our customers interested in Scottish castles, you’ll have to wait for our next list but you won’t find the Braveheart Castle there – you’ll have to go to Ireland! Located on the River Boyne and not far from Dublin, Trim is a great location for anyone visiting Newgrange on a day tour from Dublin.

  1. Dunluce Castle. Dunlace is an icon along the iconic Causeway Coastal Route in Northern Ireland, and is a wonderful stop on any castle tour of Ireland. Once owned by Winston Churchill, the castle has an interesting history to go with the unrivaled location – making it one of Northern Ireland’s most photographed sports.


  1. Enniskillen Castle. Enniskillen Castle is another gem in Northern Ireland! Any visit to the Fermanagh Lake Region would not be complete without a stop at this wonderfully restored 600 year old castle and museum.  

  1. Kilkenny Castle. This castle is perhaps one of the best examples of an Anglo-era castle, and the tour is very well done. Located in the middle of the great town of Kilkenny, it’s a great stop on any itinerary that passes through the middle of the country. Be sure to pop in to the Kilkenny Design Center across the road after your tour or into Smithwicks Brewery for a look around.

  1. The Rock of Cashel. The history of Ireland, her Kings and Saints, are captured perfectly in a visit to Cashel. If you only see one castle on your tour of Ireland, Cashel would be a great choice. Located between Dublin and the popular tourist sights in Ireland’s Southwest, The Rock of Cashel and the nearby folk village are great stops!


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