If making a trip to overseas is on your 2019 New Year’s resolutions, we’d like to suggest you put Wales on your list! Wales is a fabulous vacation destination and if you’re looking for something off the beaten path, this is it. The beaches, castles, the views, the fabulous small towns and the views are all fantastic reasons to put Wales on your travel list for 2019. Here’s some of our favorite hidden gems in Wales to check out during your stay:

  1. Hide at St Donats. If you’re looking for a unique opportunity to see the beauty of Wales, the Hide at St Donats is for you. Stay in the countryside of Wales in one of three romantic, snug cabins tucked into the hillside. Staying here will allow you to fully immerse with the Wales’ culture and nature!
  2. Rib Ride. For those who would like a bit of adventure and thrill in their Wales vacation, the Rib Ride will be right up your alley! Take a ride along the Northern coastline of Wales in a speedboat. Along your ride, you’ll get to check out the historic town of Caernarfon.
  3. Château Rhianfa. A visit to Wales wouldn’t be complete without a castle! This 21 bedroom architectural masterpiece overlooks the Menai Straits on Anglesey.
  4. Glamping at the Slate Caverns. The only way to go camping while in Wales is, of course – glamping! The Slate Caverns are set in a gorgeous landscape overlooking the moorland, valleys and historic quarries.
  5. The Royal Mint. Experience how the coins you have in your pocket and wallet are made at The Royal Mint! Built in 1968, this is where all of the coins in the entire UK are made! Take a tour and you’ll get to see coins actually being made through the large viewing window!


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