One of our favorite things when we take a trip to Ireland (and let’s be honest, most people’s favorite thing) is to have an authentic Irish pint in a quaint pub. Ireland is known for their pubs (and their beer) so it’s only right that we made a list of some of our favorites for you to check out.


  1. The Bulman Bar, Cork. Situated right by the sea, The Bulman Bar has a nautical, eclectic feel to it that we just love. With a view of the harbor and a rich history of sailors and merchants choosing to dine there throughout the years, you’ll enjoy sipping on a pint or savoring some of their locally caught seafood.

2. Titanic Bar And Grill, Cobh. The Titanic Bar has a history entwined with, yes, the famous sunken ship. The bar was once the ticketing office for the ship and before departing Europe on it’s devastating trip, the Titanic was once anchored in the harbor outside of the bar. Walking into the Titanic Bar is reminiscent of what an upscale dining area on the Titanic might have been like. With live music, craft beer and cocktails, you’ll more than enjoy your time at this spot.

3.Grace Neil’s, Co. Down. If you love a good scary story, you’re going to want to visit this pub. With an over 400 year old history, the pub has been visited by pirates, smugglers, sailors and soldiers over the years. Grace Neil’s ghost is said to visit the bar from time to time: straightening glasses, switching lights on and off…you name it. If you’re in for a spook, check this place out.

4.The Shire, Kerry. Calling all Lord Of The Rings fans: you must visit The Shire. With hobbit-dropped ceilings and 3 Shire Beers: Frodo’s Lager, Bilbo’s Beer and Gandalf’s Ale, you’ll have a jolly ole time listening to the live music and partying it up in ‘Middle Earth.’



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