One common misconception about Ireland is that the Summers are not warm and that it rains often. While Ireland does get it’s fair share of rainy days, Summers in Ireland are actually warm and pleasant. July is the hottest month in Dublin with an average temperature of 60°F (16°C) and the coldest is January at 41°F (5°C) with the most daily sunshine hours at 6.3 in May. Long bouts of rain are very rare, and you can expect the temperature to be ‘just right’ during the Summer months! That means, if you are traveling to Ireland during the Summer, you can participate in many fun, warm weather activities and sports. We’ve created a list of some of our favorites that we think you’ll love:


  1. Coasteering. For those who tend to be more of an adrenaline junkie, coasteering may be just right for you! This activity is a combination of climbing, jumping, swimming and exploration. Coasteering is an amazing way to explore Ireland’s beautiful coastlines and have an adventure along the way.


  1. Surfing. Did you know Ireland is home to some of the best surfing in the world? The coastline’s waves are definitely underrated when it comes to surfing and no matter where you are in Ireland, you are sure to find a good surfing spot nearby. Check out this list of ten fantastic spots to surf in Ireland.

  1. Windsurfing. The winds in Ireland aren’t just great for messing up your hair a bit! They are also perfect for some windsurfing. And it’s not just for oceans: did you know there’s a number of beautiful lakes scattered throughout Ireland that are perfect for this fun sport? The Blessington Lakes in County Wicklow are a great example of this!

  1. 4. Sea Kayaking. What better way to explore Ireland’s coasts like sea kayaking? A kayaking adventure in Co. Dublin’s idyllic sea is perfect for the entire family. It’s a relaxing, peaceful adventure…and you can also get a good bit of exercise out of it too!

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