Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin is a bucket list item for many of us. If you get the opportunity to enjoy this famously festive and fun Irish holiday in the capital of Ireland, then you will want to cross the pond prepared. Start planning your Ireland vacation during St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin with these 10 helpful tips!

  1. It’s St. Paddy’s Day, not Patty’s. The frequently misspelled shortened nickname for St. Patrick’s Day is a mistake you don’t want to make in Dublin. “Paddy is derived from the Irish word, Pádraig, while Patty is derived from Patricia, or…a burger.
  2. Plan far in advance. It’s best to book your trip to Dublin or another Irish city well in advance if you’ll be traveling around St. Patrick’s Day. Flights increase closer to the date and hotels book out months in advance.
  3. Wear green. O’course!
  4. Spend more than a few days in Dublin. To get the full St. Patrick’s Day experience, you’ll want to spend at least 5 days before, after and during St. Patrick’s Day to participate in all of the festivities.
  5. Burn off some Guinness. If you’re looking for a way to compensate for all of the Guinness you will be drinking on St. Patrick’s Day, consider running in the annual 5K.
  6. Visit main attractions before or after. Tourist stops like the Guinness Storehouse will be almost impossible to get into on St. Patrick’s Day, without waiting in a long line. Visit the storehouse a few days before to get the most out of your visit!
  7. Take the day slow. Don’t start your morning with a “hair o’the dog” and continue on throughout the day. Check out all of the festivities the city is offering during the day, and then enjoy some pints later on!
  8. Watch the parade. Starting around 10am, we suggest finding a good spot to watch about an hour earlier.
  9. Leave the credit cards at home. Take cash out of an ATM the day before to avoid long lines, and carry just as much cash as you think you’ll need for the day.
  10. Visit Temple Bar, but visit other pubs too. Although Temple Bar is a must-visit for your St. Patrick’s Day trip to Ireland, you should explore pubs a little further from the city center, as well. Prices for a pint will also be hiked up for the day, as well.

Ready to start planning your vacation to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day 2020? We can help. Email hello@isleinntours.com to get a free quote and more information.

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