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River Cruising Ireland & Beyond

Sail directly to the heart of many destinations.

European Waterways provides an intimate experience with their fully crewed, all-inclusive luxury hotel barges which cruise the inland waterways of nine European countries along canals,rivers,lakes,lagoons and lochs, given you the opportunity to experience local living from a truly unique perspective.  Each itinerary offers a selection of chauffeured and guided tours:depending on your location you may set out to explore castles,chateaux,vineyards or local markets. You may choose to charter the entire vessel as an exclusive  rental for a small group of family and friends, or simply book individual cabins and join other like-minded travelers for an intimate cruising experience.  Each boat is staffed with a crew which includes the Captain, a Master Chef and other essential staff to cater to all your needs. The Master Chef prepares all meals on-board using local produce and specialties:in addition, you will have a lovely selection of regional wines from the wine cellar and ample selection of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages from the open bar. Boats vary in size and design:yours may have a Jacuzzi,sauna, chart room with TV/DVD, and other barge facilities such as bicycles to use at your leisure.  The cruises include all gourmet meals with wine, shore excursions, open bar ,bicycles(where provided) and various other luxury facilities.  These vessels cruise on small waterways, mostly canals:the barges travel neither far or fast.  The purpose of the barge cruise is not to rush along, but to relax in a stress-free environment with fine food and wine, enjoy the delights of the countryside with fellow passengers and be enveloped by the soul of the country.

Shannon Princess II

The ten-passenger Shannon Princess II is the only luxury hotel barge cruising the waterways of Ireland. Her thoughtfully designed interior has panoramic windows, through which you can view the passing scenery, and includes a comfortable saloon, dining area and bar. This luxury barge also features a full-length, rooftop sun deck ideal for relaxing with a drink, or watching the sunset after dinner.

The five suites have private bath facilities and offer a choice of twin or double bed configuration. The experienced Irish crew go out of their way to ensure your every need is accommodated. Your chef was trained at the Ballymaloe School and distinguishes herself at every meal with her signature dishes. The captain of this particular barge has piloted and managed the vessel for many years and will make you feel right at home.


Scottish Highlander

The 8-passenger Scottish Highlander offers the atmosphere of a Scottish Country House with subtle use of tartan furnishings and landsape paintings.  At 117 feet, she is spacious and has every comfort needed for year-round cruising.  She is also equipped with 8 bikes and your tour guide would be happy to recommend the best routes to explore. On board you will find four en-suite cabins, each with a choice of twin or double beds. The experienced crew of four, led by your captain, ensures attention to your every need.  The cuisine is traditional Scottish fare of salmon, game, venison and seafood, prepared by your own Master Chef.

Shannon Princess II
Individual cabin from $4400*
Charter rental $3700**
Scottish Highlander
Individual Cabin $4190*
Charter rental available, please call
*Pricing based on two passengers sharing one cabin
**Per person based on maximum capacity for charter.
Shannon Princess II Capacity is 10 passengers.
Scottish Highlander capacity is 8 passengers.

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